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oct 2018 - nov 2020

Together with NGOs from Galicia (Spain), Italy and Portugal, we are developing innovative educational techniques to disseminate literary and oral heritage. We are working with Cantastorie, Living Libraries and Labyrinth Theatre.

The intellectual product of this project, “BABEL Guide: Educational Techniques for the Dissemination of Literary and Oral Heritage”, is a complete online multilingual guide where all the technical and procedural content we’ve tested over 26 months was gathered and presented in a rigorous, coherent, comprehensive and didactic manner, aimed at people and organizations working in various social and cultural contexts in the field of education and of dissemination of intangible cultural heritage.

oct 2018 - sep 2020

NGOs from 10 countries on 4 continents are getting together to dream up a Global Action for Gender Awareness. We deal with issues like gender stereotypes and role models, gender based violence, sex education, and many others. 

Together, we’ve managed to come up with, test and perfect a Toolkit that any and all non-formal education trainers and facilitators can use to tackle gender issues when working with young people.

MAY 2018 - AUG 2019

Youth work and innovative methods to work with young people.

Erasmus+ KA1 project that aims to develop tools and working methods, among youth workers and trainers, to
further promote the active participation and inclusion of young people and young
people with fewer opportunities, in Europe.

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