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Universitur is currently partner in several national and European projects, co-founded by programmes such as Erasmus+ and AFCN (the Romanian Administration of the National Cultural Fund). Some of our projects are more complex long term strategic partnerships and some of them are short term and mobility based. Check them out!

Connecting European Suburbs through Smart Youth Work. We are rethinking the way and
methods to involve the youth groups we work with.

We dare to create boardgames and immersive game-based experiences in order to promote European cultural heritage in an unexpected, dynamic and interactive way.

Youth worker’s actions in public spaces for social change. We are exploring Labyrinth Theatre, Social Cabaret, Street Clowning and Body Movement as innovative tools to fight gender-based discrimination.


Urban Cultural Intervention

A beautiful local partnership coordinated by Philmys Cultural Association and co-funded by AFCN, the project aims to bring non-formal education through innovative methods such as cantastorie to young people living in small Romanian towns along the Danube.

If you’d like to know what cantastorie is and how we discovered it, check out our BABEL Guide – there are 6 languages to choose from!

More details coming soon.

HUman Rights’ awareness Raising by Improving Creative Actions and Non-formal Education.

It is a multi-action Erasmus+ project AIMED to provide youth workers, young people and activists with artistic tools and methods to raise awareness among young people and local
communities, on Human Rights related issue.

We are now selecting participants for the Virtual Youth Exchange held between 01-10 July 2021!

Promoting European Awareness to Contrast Extremism.

It is a KA1 Erasmus+ project that aims to raise awareness, among youth workers and young people, on the wide-spread of different forms of populism in the nowadays societies using propaganda and rhetoric to incite racism and xenophobia and then consequently promote anti-racist approaches in Europe.

We are now selecting participants for the Virtual Youth Exchange held between 16-25 June 2021!

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