Youth worker’s actions in public spaces for social change


Youth worker’s actions in public spaces for social change. We are exploring Labyrinth Theatre, Social Cabaret, Street Clowning and Body Movement as innovative tools to fight gender-based discrimination.



AGORÀ is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of innovation realized with the support of Erasmus+ Program, and aimed to
develop tools and pedagogical approaches to fight social exclusion among young people, and specifically gender-based discrimination in public spaces, settled in isolated areas.

The project aims to reach its objectives by implementing several interconnected actions between 2019 and 2022: two Transnational Project Meetings, one Field Research, two International Training Courses, one Tools Harmonization phase, one Tools Testing phase, five different Meetings with Multipliers and one Follow Up phase. The results of these different phases will lead to the creation of two Intellectual Outputs, which you can find below.


Intellectual Output 1:


Intellectual Output 2:


To develop tools and pedagogical approaches to fight young people social exclusion, and Specifically gender-based discrimination, in public spaces settled in isolated areas, by promoting EU values and active citizenship.


To build up, in the participating isolated areas, the local diagnostic to detect the reasons behind (causes and effects) gender-based discrimination among young people.

To share the existing tools and approaches the consortium members use to promote participation and inclusion.

To up-scale the tools and approaches shared, within a newly formed internal pedagogical perspective, to create an educational package to detect the gender-based discrimination within groups of young people and then intervene promoting gender justice
in public spaces

To empower young people and local communities from isolated areas, and to transform them in promoters of new grass-rooted actions.

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Project duration:

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